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Popular Drugs with Dangerous Side Effects

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Popular Drugs with Dangerous Side Effects
Actonel    Avodart       Boniv
 Celebrex Cialis.
  Crestor Detrol Ditropan Enbrel Fosamax Humira Levitra Lunesta. Nexium Paxil Plavix Premarin Prilosec Procrit Strattera Valtrex Vesicare Viagra  Vioxx Vytorin Wellbutrin Zelnorm Zocor Zyprexa

Side effects of some of the most popular drugs can cause you some serious problems.  Some of the side effects are worse than the symptoms!  Please read the drug labels, and seek professional advice before taking ANY DRUG!
The drugs above are only a few that you should be informed about before taking! Below, please find the following drug side effects on the body for the worse drugs:
Mental Side Effects:
 impulsive; irritable; panicky; personality disorder; overly excited; severely restless (akathisia);
sleeplessness (insomnia);
suicide; weakness (asthenia
Muscular Side Effects:
Back pain; leg cramps; muscle pain; shakiness (tremor); spasm; tiredness; swelling of legs and feet; unexplained muscle pain; weakness
Liver/Kidney Side Effects:
Acute kidney failure; chronic kidney failure; hepatitis; jaundice; liver damage
Gastrointestinal Side Effects:
Abdominal pain; colitis; constipation; diarrhea; dry mouth; dyspepsia
(upset stomach); Intestinal bleeding; nausea; rectal bleeding; stomach bleeding; stomach pain; (indigestion); vomiting
Brain Side Effects:
Amnesia; dizziness (vertigo); seizures; speech disorder; stroke; transient ischemic atychosis; worsening of epilepsy
Blood Side Effects:
Anemia; decreased levels of potassium; decreased levels of sodium; dizziness; excessive bleeding (sometimes fatal); facial flushing; fainting (syncope); fast heartbeat (tachycardia);
 heart attack; high blood pressure (hypertension); increased levels of potassium; low blood pressure (hypotension); low blood cell counts; palpitations; perpetual erection (priapism)
; postural hypotension; slow heartbeat (bradycardia); thrombosis (clotting)
Allergy Side Effects:
serious allergic reactions; swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat; difficulty breathing; difficulty swallowing
Bone Side Effects:

Bone loss; bone pain
Senses Side Effects:
Blindness; blurred vision; colored vision; ringing in the ears (tinnitus); tingling sensation (paresthesia)
Lungs Side Effects:
Cold symptoms; cough; flu-like symptoms; lower respiratory infection; fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema); pulmonary thrombosis; shortness of breath (dyspnea); sore throat; upper respiratory infection
Pain Side Effects:
Abdominal pain; bone pain; breast pain; 
chest pain (angina); headache; heartburn; 
joint pain; leg cramps; painful menstruation; virginity
Other Side Effects:
Diabetes mellitus; hair loss; frequent urination; hyperglycemia; ketoacidosis; loss of appetite; pancreatitis; urinary tract infection; weight gain; weight loss