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Optimizing the Human Body Systems

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Optimizing the Human Body Systems

Please consult with your doctor before attempting any change in diet for ALL humans are different, and ALL health conditions require expert attention and treatment!

Please know that God designed the human body to be a healthy system. This process is simple: healthy cells make healthy tissue; healthy tissue makes healthy organs; healthy organs make healthy systems.
The immune system is the gift that God gave for the body to defend all diseases. If the immune system is kept strong and healthy, then the body systems will be healthy as well.
Steps to Optimize your Immune System and Gain Energy:
Optimizing your immune system begins with a thorough cleanse. Many people have benefited from the Colonix Cleansing System.
1.        Dr. Natura Colonix 3-part Internal Cleansing Program - The absolute best!  Can find on the Internet at Colonix will remove all bad and good bacteria during the cleansing, therefore, the good bacteria must be replaced during the cleansing period. Get two others to make an order so that the price will be much less. You will need a high concentration of good bacteria like the 50 billion count found in Bio-K Plus
       a. Your first test to see how your body will function should be on a day you are free from
       b. Take the Paranil (for parasites) on arising followed 30 minutes later with the intestinal
       c. take the tea in the evening before bed
           Elimination will take place in early morning. Normally, one will not have to rush. There
           may be a second and third elimination during a two hour period in the morning, so the
           earlier one takes the tea, the earlier in the morning will be the elimination.
d.  DO NOT order any probiotic from website because Bio-K Plus is more than sufficient. You only need the Colonix and Bio-K Plus.
2.        Green Vibrance & Green Magma (both items can be found at the Vitamin Shoppe at a good price. Mix both together as directed in distilled water.A combination of 46 herbs that is literally a food.  It gives energy and strength to the body while also providing vitamins and minerals.  Take in between the Paranil and the intestinal cleanser.  The Green Magma is barley grass, a most powerful anti-oxidant that fights cancer! This is great for persons who do not have an appetite. 
3.      Blackstrap Molasses Mix 1 TBSP with soy milk or rice milk in a blender or with hand device. Take in the afternoon or evening. It will supply the iron that is often missing in the diet; you will notice your energy level rise quickly.
4.        Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar – Use 2-3 days before beginning the cleansing process for removing excessive gas pockets from the colon. This will help eliminate any cramping. Many people also use this product to lower blood pressure and relieve the pain associated with arthritis. Check the Bragg’s website for full information.
5.        TAKE VITAMIN “C” DAILY   START OFF WITH 2,000 mg A DAY AND PROGRESS UP TO 8,000 TO 10,000 mg of Vitamin C daily for ELIMINATING COLDS AND FLU EACH SEASON!   This really works!
6.      Fresh-juiced vegetables – daily glasses of carrot juice with a clove of garlic, a quarter piece of beetroot, and a stalk of celery will do wonders in building the immune system. Check the Internet for a good juicer if you do not have one. Juice Guru makes a very good quality juicer. You may obtain info at  (cut and pate on address line)
7.       Eat a healthy diet to obtain the many benefits of weight loss and bountiful energy: During this cleansing process, it is highly recommended that one do not eat animal products or sweets. A plant based diet using the diet chose for Adams and Eve will do wonders and will prove very beneficial in restring your health. Use these substitutes: soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk; soy margarine, and 100% whole grain bread without egg or milk.
8.        Eat no fats, sugar, processed foods, or foods containing (Excitotoxins) hidden MSG. Stay away from heavy starches foods. Brown Rice and a baked potato are OK. Pastas are not good for this cleansing process. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE ON EXCITOTOXINS BY NEUROSURGEON DR. RUSSELL BLAYLOCK!!!
9.        Eat five pieces of fruit daily. You can use some of them in a smoothie for breakfast.
10.     Eat a small amount of almonds and walnuts daily. Organic ones do not contain chemicals.
11.     Eat a big salad each evening at dinner. Include carrots, cucumbers, tomato, red onion, and mushrooms with an oil-free, dairy-free dressing. Creamy Garlic by Follow Your Heart is very tasty. PLEASE DO NOT EAT DINNER PAST 6:00 P.M.
12.     Walk each day for as long as you are able. Increase your distance a little each time until you can walk three miles at a quick-moving pace.
13.     Drink 8 glasses of distilled water each day. Distilled water has zero parts of total dissolved solids; therefore, the body systems do not have to eliminate anything bad from it.
14.     Use only Sea Salt. It dissolves in solution while regular table salt does not and thus, will add to your blood pressure problem. Trader Joes’ has a great seas salt.
15.     Pray, pray, and pray because you will need it as you eliminate sugars and fats during this cleansing period. The ends results of this 10 Day Cleansing and Fasting will be a healthier immune system, more energy, and a better attitude toward accomplishing your life’s goals.
16.     FIVE WAYS TO CONTROL YOU’RE APPETITE: (1) eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day; (2) fill up on fiber; (3) drink more water; (4) eat slower; and (5) if you must have your favorite food, then eat only a small portion.