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High Blood Pressure?

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High Blood Pressure?
Don’t Boil Your Food
When you boil vegetables, it leaches out the potassium that is essential in blood pressure
control. Steam, bake, roast or microwave instead. A boiled potato, for example, loses up to half its potassium, as do most other vegetables. This is particularly true when you use large amounts of water that just gets poured down the drain.

Bananas vs. High Blood Pressure
Boosting your potassium intake, as well as your calcium, while limiting the amount of processed food you eat goes a long way in regulating high blood pressure. Bananas, beans, tofu and potatoes are all rich sources of potassium. Bonus blood-pressure control tip: Maintain a healthy diet, with at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Drink Water Before You Get Thirsty
As we age, thirst becomes a less sensitive indicator of dehydration. Up to half of all Americans suffer chronic mild dehydration that can cause fatigue, headache and loss of appetite. Women should aim for about nine cups of fluids daily; men should try for 12. Drinking more than six glasses of water each day cuts the risk of developing bladder cancer in half. Some evidence suggests that staying well hydrated reduces the risk of colon and
breast cancer.

Eat To Protect Your Eyes
What you eat can go a long way toward protecting your vision as you get older. Focus on foods with natural yellow pigments and those rich in vitamins C and E to keep your vision in top shape. Some of the foods that can make a difference: Leafy green vegetables, corn, egg yolks, kiwi, zucchini, pumpkin, yellow squash, red grapes, peas, green peppers, oranges, peaches, butternut squash, green beans, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, fortified cereals and avocados.